About Us

The Harrogate Junior Chess Club was established in September 2015 as a result of a high demand for a junior chess club in Harrogate. The Club became an immediate success and opened its doors with a full intake of twenty students and a lengthy waiting list.

In order to meet the high demand for membership whilst at the same time reducing the waiting list, we have now expanded the Club to take in 30 players.  New players wishing to join the Club should know how to set up a board and the way in which each piece moves.  



The Club is run as a non-profit making venture and all session fees are used to purchase necessary equipment and to fund internal Club competitions and events which take place on a regular basis.  The fees for external competitions will be the responsibility of parents and carers.

The Club is open to players  who are between the ages of 7 -11 years. Beginners’ places are limited to no more than six at any one time and beginners should know the layout of the board and the way in which each piece moves prior to applying for membership. This is to ensure that they are quickly integrated into the Club and supported by more experienced players.

The philosophy of the Club is a simple one. One of caring and sharing where children can learn and develop within the family of the Club free of the pressure found in adult clubs. Whilst the Club encourages the children to enter competitions and thus gain valuable experience, no child is pushed to do anything they are uncomfortable with.

All of the children in the Club are encouraged to adopt sound values by being courteous to each other at all times. Supporting each other when needed and respecting the Club’s equipment. To this end the Club has rapidly become a place that the children look forward to attending with most of our players having a full attendance record.

The positive environment that has been developed in the Club enables members to concentrate on their weekly session lesson, using their learning to enjoy and develop their games. Feedback from parents has been excellent, several of whom now stay to the sessions and also support the Club during social events.

The Club takes place on a Wednesday evening from 5.00pm until 6.30pm and costs £3 per session and runs all year round. The Club runs from Oatlands Mount Social Club who support us by generously allowing us to use their concert room.

For further information email harrogatejuniorchessclub@gmail.com