Club’s Child Protection Policy

Please note that Harrogate Junior Chess Club adopts the full policy of the English Chess Federation which can be viewed in full on their website at



As a requirement of the Club’s Insurance Policy and by law, the Club must have in place a Child Protection Policy (CPP) which is available to all Club officials, volunteers and parents. To this end the Club’s CPP will be made available on the Club’s website.

Harrogate Junior Chess Club (“The Club”) fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection. Every young person involved with the Club has a right to play chess in a safe and enjoyable environment, protected from all forms of abuse.

This policy sets out principles, procedures and a Code of Conduct which will be made known to all coaches, parents and volunteers who assist either with coaching, or with general administrative tasks, during Club meetings. It also applies to any coaching activities that are undertaken outside of Club meetings.

Positive actions

The Club will:

Establish an environment where children feel happy and secure and are free to play chess in the knowledge that they are safe.

Require all members to complete an application form giving details of their address, phone number, date of birth, parent / guardian’s consent to join the club.

Require all members to sign in prior to play.

Make sure all members are aware and understand the Club’s Rules which are designed to keep them safe and free from abuse.

Keep an incident book to record any concerns expressed by members, parents or Club officials, keeping these securely.

Code of Conduct

At each Club meeting:

• An English Chess Federation accredited coach will be present, who has
undertaken a satisfactory check with the Criminal Records Bureau.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Certificate is only issued after in-depth research by the official agency via Police criminal records and other sources into the background of an applicant. All checks are carried out to Enhanced Level to accord with Child Protection.

• There will be at least two adults present at all times, including one female, this can include parents and volunteers.

• Children will not be allowed to leave the playing room during the Club meeting and must remain indoors until collected. The dropping off and picking up of members is done so at the parent’s discretion.

• Any incidents involving injury or illness will be recorded in the events book.


If a child talks to a coach, volunteer or parent about possible abuse in whatever form the following procedures should apply.

It must be reported and written in the incident book in detail by the Club’s designated Child Protection Person and signed as a correct entry by the reporting person.

Photographs taken of children must be done so with full parental written approval and used for the Club’s website and news articles only.

The following telephone numbers should be used in case of emergency:
Pat Sutcliffe (accredited coach and advanced DBS checked)
01423 439787

The Club’s Designated CPP is Pat Sutcliffe.