Delancey Challenge 2017

18th May 2017

I am delighted to announce that this year 8 players who are representing our Club are through the first stage of the Delancey Challenge to the mega-final.  These are: Lucas Moyser, Ollier Poyser-Senior, Tom Osborne, Penelope McCreanor, Finlay McCreanor, Spencer Yang-Turner, Fraser Yang-Turner and Edward Evans.  All played well and fought a good game.  Each had to play 6 games throughout the day with a total of 120 children from various clubs taking part.  Special congratulations to Penelope McCreanor, our only girl playing who gained Suprema in her age bracket and is through to the Giga-Final.  Also to Spencer Yang-Turner who gained second place in his age category and to Fraser who won Supremo and is through to the Giga-Final.  We are proud of you all.