2nd JANUARY 2017

JOHN, ANDREW and MYSELF wish you all a very, very, Happy 2017.  May all your wishes and dreams come true.  We have a busy chess year ahead of us but we hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year – now time to get back to work.  We have the UK Delancey Challenge ahead of us and also the Harrogate Congress in March.  Further details soon……..







Well done Henry and James, playing chess over Christmas.  Your dedication is amazing.








28th November 2016 – Club Competition

The Club played one of its in-house competitions.  The competition was played over a period of four weeks.  The members were split into two groups, 9 and over and 6 to 8 years.  Initially the competition was played on a points system and those members gaining 10 and more points then played a knockout for the top prizes.  A second competition was also played for those not reaching 10 points and again a knockout was played for first, second and third places.  Congratulations to all of our winners.

Harrogate Junior Club Members 2016

Harrogate Junior Club Members 2016










14th July 2016 – GIGAFINAL Results

The third round of the UK Delancey Chess Challenge took place at the weekend in Manchester.  Out of 45000 entering the competition only 2000 made it through to the Gigafinal to become the top players in the UK.  We are proud that four of those players are in our Club.  Our players were as follows: LUCAS MOYSER U9’s, MAX PARKHOUSE U10’s, EDWARD EVANS U8’s and ANDREW KO-FERRIGNO U11’s.

The results were as follows:

Lucas gained 4 points from 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.  Max gained 3.5 points from 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. Edward gained 3 points from 3 wins and 3 losses with Andrew gaining 1.5 points.  All should be very proud of themselves to get this far.   Well done to you all, we are proud.


29th June 2016 – E-Safety Talk

An E-Safety talk was given by Alicia Goad to the Club members on the very important issue of E-Safety.  The Club officers would like to thank Alicia for taking time from her busy schedule to come to talk to us.  I am sure it made the children think a lot and the sweets and gifts certainly were much appreciated.  Thank you also to Conor Lister who thanked Alicia on behalf of the Club and presented her with one of our Club pens.

E-Safety talk

22nd June 2016 – HJCC vs Oatlands Junior School Club

The Club welcomed the visitors from Oatlands Junior School to the Club.  A team game was played plus an individual game for the four visitors.  The home team won through on the night but the matches were hard fought and a good night was had by all.   Well done Oatlands Club and well done Harrogate Junior Club, once again you did us proud.

Oatlands 2

19th June 2016 – MEGA FINAL – YORK

A massive congratulations to our five players who won through to the Mega Final in York.  Lucas Moyser, Max Bailey, Max Parkhouse, James Beagley and Edward Evans.  All five played incredibly well playing 6 matches each over what was a long day.  Special congratulations to Max Parkhouse who won all 6 of his games against some stiff competition and came first in the U10 section and to Lucas Moyser who came joint first in the U9 section and to Edward Evans who came third in the U8 section.  All three of them have won sufficient points to go through to the third phase of the UK Delancey Challenge which is the Giga-Final in Manchester in July.   We wish them well and are very proud of all five of our players.

mega final


8th June 2016 – BRONZE STAR AWARDS 

The following members have now successfully gained their BRONZE STARS and CERTIFICATES:


23rd March 2016 – BRONZE STAR AWARDS

The following members have now successfully gained their BRONZE STARS and CERTIFICATES:

LUCAS MOYSER, EDWARD EVANS, MAX PARKHOUSE, ROBERT ALLINSON, MAX BAILEY, CRUZ CARTWRIGHT, ISAAC YOUNG, THOMAS BENTLEY, ELLIOT GREEN. A big congratulations to each of these players. To pass the test the children had to sit a written paper showing chess problems which they had to solve.


What can I say?  A massive congratulations to our team of players.  No one let us down and all of our children played well.  We came away with joint first for Max Bailey and Max Parkhouse in the under 11 age group.  An outright first for Lucas Moyser in the under 10 age group winning all of his 5 matches.  A first place win for Edward Evans in the under 7’s who also won outright winning all of his 5 games.  Elliot Green came joint first in the U8’s.  Tom Osborne gained 2nd place  in the under 10 age group  and Theo Bell in the under 7’s.  This outstanding showing by the Harrogate Junior Chess Club meant that the Club also won the overall Congress Cup.  I am so proud of all of you.  Following the Congress we received further applications from youngsters wishing to be part of the Club.  Well done to you all.

congress 12  congress 14



The Club wants to give a big congratulations to Andrew Zigmond one of our own who played in the Blackpool Congress.  The Congress is the second largest in the Country and Andrew did us all proud by coming joint first and winning a prize of £400.  Well done Andrew we are all proud of you.



A massive congratulations to Lucas Moyser who has become the UK Delancey Club Champion in the first round of the competition.  Lucas won all 7 of his matches to secure a place in the mega-final with 21 points.  Max Parkhouse also gained sufficient points by winning 5 of his matches, drawing one and losing one to secure 18 points.  Others going through on age are Max Bailey, Edward Evans and James Beagley.  Well done to everyone of you.  It was a hard competition and a long one but you came through it with glowing colours.  It has to be noted that Robert Allinson won the most points in the under 7’s and Cruz Cartwright won the outstanding attitude certificate.  The next round will be in York on the 19th June.

The qualifiers and age winners of the UK Delancey Challenge.

The qualifiers and age winners of the UK Delancey Challenge.

Lucas Moyser Club UK Delancey Challenge Champion 2016

Lucas Moyser Club UK Delancey Challenge Champion 2016


2nd March 2016 – The Club is delighted to announce that it has today received a cheque from the REGENCY PRESS COMPANY for the sum of fifty pounds (£50).  This will be used to purchase one of our Annual Trophies.  The members of the Club thank Regency

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Date for your Diary

Please leave the 14th September free if you can.  This is the Club’s first anniversary and whilst it is a while away yet it will be a special event for all Club members.  On this date the following awards will be given out (hopefully by a special

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HJCC competition against St. Mary’s, Knaresborough – Dec 2015

HJCC played its first match in December against St. Mary’s, Knaresborough.  In total 39 children attended with each playing 4 matches.  The results were: Gold – Lucas Moyser (HJCC) and Max Parkhouse  (HJCC) Silver – Edward Evans (HJCC) and Max Bailey (HJCC) Bronze – Harry Lane (SM’s) and James

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March 19th – Harrogate Chess Championships

Several of our members are entering the Harrogate Primary Schools Chess Championship in March.  This is an annual Championship run by the H&DPSA and will be the first time we have entered players from our Club.  We wish them well. Results later.

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February 6th – Leeds Congress

A massive congratulations to Max Parkhouse and Lucas Moyser who did the Club proud during the Leeds Congress on Saturday.  The boys had to play 6 matches each spreading across the whole day.  In total 69 children were taking part in the competition. Our two boys were

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February – June 2016

The Club is currently engaged in the UK DELANCEY CHESS CHALLENGE All members are entered in the first round of this nationwide competition and will play 7 matches in-house. Those gaining over 17 points will be eligible to move to round 2 which will be run in

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